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Publish your CarmenCanvas course

Publish your CarmenCanvas course and use Carmen as a class hub for instructions and communications with your students. Review this video introduction for setting up your Carmen course.

Carmen Key Four

Once your course is published, continue building by focusing on four essential areas. If you taught in Spring or Summer 2020, you should already be familiar with the first three. Now for Autumn 2020, Carmen Announcements will be essential to stay connected with students and to set expectations for your course. If you are new to using this feature in Carmen, you can use these announcement templates for inspiration.

No matter how you plan to teach for Autumn 2020, you should upload your syllabus in the Syllabus section of your course. Be sure all course materials are available and organized logically in Modules. Organize your gradebook, and be sure to regularly post grades for assignments and assessments. Utilize Carmen Announcements as your primary mode of communication with students.

Learn how to complete each of these essential Carmen activities by reviewing the videos and linked articles.

1. Upload your syllabus

Learn more in the ODEE Resource Center: Post Your Syllabus

3. Organize your gradebook

Learn more in the ODEE Resource Center: Assignment (Gradebook) Setup

2. Organize your course materials

Learn more in the ODEE Resource Center: Setting Up Course Content

4. Utilize Carmen Announcements

Learn more in the ODEE Resource Center: Communicating with Students

and familiarize yourself with Zoom

CarmenZoom is Ohio State’s academic web conferencing tool. Even if you plan to teach in person, Zoom will be the best way to meet face-to-face with your students in the event that in-person meetings are not possible. You can use Zoom to record lectures and share with students, communicate with students in real-time, hold small group meetings and discussions and much more. The ODEE Resource Center can help you get started with Zoom, learn tips for hosting meetings, and follow cybersecurity best practices. You can also download Zoom backgrounds from the site so you can show off your Buckeye pride.

All instructors and students have access to this tool, and it is compatible with a wide range of devices, making it easy to keep teaching and keep connected. View this video introduction of Zoom's capabilities.


Next Steps

After completing the Key Four activities in Carmen and familiarizing yourself with Zoom, you're ready to consider your teaching strategy, learn how to integrate tactics to support student success, find your tools and prepare for assessments: