Planning Strategies

After getting started with your Carmen course, your next step should be planning your course strategy.

An important consideration in your planning process is that your course may not be in the originally-planned format or be what students were expecting. Students will need support and guidance as they learn through new and changing methods. Many of the stressors that you and your students experienced in 2020 will continue. There may be issues with reliable internet access, challenges finding adequate space and time to focus on tasks, and health concerns while also balancing work, family and school.
No matter the mode, you should build for flexibility, both in your course delivery and in your support for your students. Use the planning guidance on the following pages to help you create a course that is a positive experience for everyone. 
You may want to request a consultation with ODEE support staff who can answer your questions and assist you in your planning. Also, be sure to refer to the Coronavirus: Academic Decisions page and the Safe and Healthy Buckeyes site for the latest information on the academic process and safety guidelines.

Instructional Modes

Colleges’ plans for the upcoming semester include a variety of delivery modes for instruction: fully in-person, fully online (distance learning), and hybrid approaches where students experience both in-person and online components.

To make key planning decisions about your class, begin by identifying your mode of instruction: