In-Person Planning Strategies

Campus Considerations

Remember, as we gradually return to our campuses, every Buckeye plays an important part in taking care of each other. Be sure to review the Safe and Healthy Buckeyes site for the latest information and safety guidelines.

You can also search the classroom directory to find out what technology and other features are available in your classroom. You may need to work with your college or department if you require additional equipment or accommodations.

In-Person Instruction with Key Carmen Functions

For an in-person class, instructors use Carmen as a hub for the syllabus, class announcements, course materials, and grades, and this robust Carmen course will be valuable for a number of emergency contingencies.

Most or all direct instruction takes place in the classroom through a huge range of teaching methods. Outside of class, students spend time completing homework, studying and working on assignments and group activities.

Each week, students receive most or all direct instruction in person.